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Hi! Are you looking for songs for your upcoming CD? Thanks


The Last Bees responded on 06/29/2015

Thanks for asking! We do all of our writing in -house, but if the need arises we'll keep you in mind. Cheers!


Hello Ian and the Dream!
Just a reminder that you are one of the winners of the TEI contest with Kevin Lyman in Milwaukee. Please respond to the email we sent no later than tomorrow, April 11th at 11 am CST if you will be attending.

The Last Bees responded on 04/11/2015

Thank you! Yes, we will be attending. This is the first notification I've received about this. We will see you Monday, thank you!


Hey Ian

I had a conversation with a music industry friend of mine last week about Ian and the dream

We do not mean to be harsh

We want you to become huge STARS

1) What are you trying to sell? The photos of you guys with Stars are great, but that is not what this is about

2) You can work with 100 Grammy winning producers, but that is not what this is about

3) What this is about is "THE SONGS"

You are a mixture of Billy Joel and Paul McCartney

You (IAN) are a man of great talent You have a great band behind you

Your one flaw is: You are chasing stardom You need to be chasing GREAT SONGS

If you look at The BoDeans you will see what we mean

They did not chase stardom - their only concern was THE SONGS and their songs were GREAT

They were a great band that did not get their well deserved stardom for 2 reasons - A bad record company and a bad manager

Sam and Kurt were first class songwriters first and stars 2nd

Write great songs 1st and your stardom will come



The Last Bees responded on 08/29/2014

Hi Curt, thanks for reaching out!
We sell our music, our unique expression of a universal sentiment that we hope to last a lifetime- i.e., our songs. I agree that music is what it's all about. I'm always chasing the perfect song, and have been since I began writing at age 10. I have never lost focus of that as I continue to write as often as I can.
Though I haven't "chased" stars per se, I've had the privilege of crossing paths with them, and some of them have touched me in deep ways. As for having my photos of them on the homepage of our website, that's advice I got from several different industry sources and articles which praised other artists' websites for doing the same thing on their homepage. The thought is it helps people take you more seriously right away. I hope the "stars" on our homepage would feel honored and not think I'm trophy-ing them. I'm always in this for the music. And yes, we want stardom to follow! We believe that's a worthy wish even though the prize is music.


My wife and I posted photos from the Bastille Days show starting here:

The Last Bees responded on 07/21/2014

Thanks for taking these and sharing with us, they look great! Hope you had a nice time at Bastille Days :) -Ian


What is your fee for a 2 hours show-Wed or Thur night?

The Last Bees responded on 08/23/2012

Thanks for asking! We'd be happy to discuss this with you in a non-public forum! Can you email us please at

Thanks for your interest!


When are you dropping off the CDs at wheyier elmentry

The Last Bees responded on 07/19/2011

As soon as school starts up again, we'll drop them off right away! We haven't forgotten :)


When are they doing Friday night live

The Last Bees responded on 07/19/2011

We play Friday Night Live on September 30th.


world tour?

The Last Bees responded on 06/04/2011

We can't wait to tour the world! We're working on it...Thanks for writing :)